Obama Vows To Be The Most Transparent President Yet Relied On “Lack of Transparency” To Sell Obama Care – Dumb America Got Sold

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WARNING: Politicians depend on “dumb” voters to forward their agenda.    TIP: If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is a duck.




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Cat Woman and Mr. Incredible Brawls On Street – CRAZY

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You won’t believe what Mr. Incredible did to Cat Woman.  Watch video below.





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Women Are Awesome – Motivation Fitness Compilation

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Need a little motivation?  Watch video below.  Enjoy, and see you in the gym!


Women Fitness Motivation



Women and weights



Women Fitness Motivation


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WARNING: Do Not Show Your Child This – They Will Copy It

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Child prank on mom


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Give Me Your Talent And I’ll Give You Gold – Cool Video

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Think you don’t have any talent?  Check out what this composer did when he/she gathered a “smidget” of musical talent from all across YouTube and put them together.  What’s your talent?  Merge it and create something!


Watch video below this image.  Enjoy and share!


Give Me Your Talent And I Will Give You Gold




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You Won’t Believe What Barack Obama Did

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Why Is Sadie Crying? You Won’t Believe It.

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Gym and Jim Are Very Different

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Gym and Jim Gets Different Results

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Mascots Have a Dance Off

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Mascot Dance off

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Smurf Eating Baby

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Smurf Eating Baby


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