Nasty Prank With Nutella Butter

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WARNING: This is a nasty prank.  Don’t do it to the wrong person.




(Video Image)

Nutella Bathroom Prank



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Heartbreaking Moment For A Kid

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What caused this heartbreaking moment?  Watch this video as it suddenly hits him.




Kid flushes goldfish down toilet








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Middle School Studs Confront Bullying Of Down Syndrome Cheerleader

This is a break from the LOL theme, but worth mentioning.  A bunch of Middle School basketball studs stepped up and confronted bullies when they heard their cheerleader with down syndrome getting bullied.  These guys are real men and deserve the recognition they’re getting in the news.  We need more people like this so share this story.

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McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired and Goes Crazy

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A McDonald’s employee gets fired and … (well, just watch the video)


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Happy Valentines Day Funnies by Kids

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Valentines Day Card Video


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Pop Stars Caught Lip Syncing – OOOOPS!

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MUST watch Justin’s Bieber’s lip sync!


Pos stars caught lip syncing

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Woman vs Men In Push Ups – Who Will Win?

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Can you change your body in 30 days?  Take the 30-Day Challenge Now!


Woman vs Men Push-ups


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The Bud Cup Takes Facebook Offline To Sell More Budweiser

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the bud cup connected to Facebook

Creative marketing!



Obama Vows To Be The Most Transparent President Yet Relied On “Lack of Transparency” To Sell Obama Care – Dumb America Got Sold

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WARNING: Politicians depend on “dumb” voters to forward their agenda.    TIP: If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is a duck.




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Cat Woman and Mr. Incredible Brawls On Street – CRAZY

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You won’t believe what Mr. Incredible did to Cat Woman.  Watch video below.





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